Tips on Saving Money with Your Car

A car is often a necessity when you live in the suburbs as many of the places you need to go to have some distance in them and a car is the only ideal and reliable way of transport.  However, if you are not careful car expenses can be costly, which is why we have rounded up a few tips on how you can save money with your car:

Save on Gas

  • save money with carBy going to self-serve gas stations, you basically get a certain percent of savings as opposed to going gas stations that offer full service.
  • When possible, make your refueling at night, particularly if it is hot and humid in your area during the afternoon.  The reason behind this is that when gas is heated at a certain degree by the surrounding temperature, it expands.  What this does is that when you refuel in the afternoon is that you are getting the expanded gas which the gas meter thinks is of this quantity, when in truth, when the gas becomes cooled, it is actually a certain percent less than that.

Save on Driving

  • One of the best ways to save with a car is to carpool.  By having 2 or more people riding the car, you are able to get a lot of savings per trip, especially if all passengers are headed on the same direction.  By sharing on the fuel expense, you get extra savings by the fraction the more people you have in your car.
  • By having proper driving habits, like accelerating gently, letting go of the accelerator when nearing slow-downs or stop signs, braking from a good distance as compared to letting go off the gas and slamming the brakes to stop, and many more, you are able to conserve on gas.  While this may not be noticeable on just one ride, it will be once you take note on how much mileage you get on a full tank of gas.
  • Another way to save on driving is to combine all errands on just one trip without backtracking.

Save on Maintenance

  • By keeping your car properly tuned, you are able to save a good amount of fuel each time you go for a drive.  Cars that are not properly tuned up consumer more fuel than properly tuned cars.
  • Change oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometers and make sure to use only synthetic oil.  By doing this, you are basically extending the service life of your engine.  If you do not have regular oil change after the said distances, your car’s engine will be more prone to wear and will require servicing after just a few years.
  • By changing or cleaning the air filter each month, your car is able to get enough air inside the engine so fuel burns more efficiently.  If your air filter is dirty, a lot of the fuel that goes inside the engine is not burned properly, leaving black soot on the tail pipe.
  • Check your tire pressure regularly is very important because it allows equal wear on all tires.  If this is not done, one or two tires will show more wear than the others, and may make you replace the tire prematurely.

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