It is a polynomial equation of degree two that can be

If a and b are the exponents of the multiple variables in a term, then the degree of a term in the

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Polynomial Function: Definition, Examples, Degrees

Solution : It is given that the equation has 3 roots one is 2 and othe is imaginary. So, one root 2 = (x-2) Let the other two roots are imaginary i, -i. ⇒ (x-i), (x+i) Therefore, the roots

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Degree of a polynomial

A polynomial equation of degree two? - Answers A Quadratic
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A polynomial of degree two is called .

A second degree polynomial, also referred as a quadratic equation can be expressed as below: ax2 + bx + c = 0. to solve the equation we can use the quadratic formulas as shown below: x1 =

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Second-Degree Polynomial Function

Quadratic Polynomial Equation. A polynomial equation which has a degree as two is called a quadratic equation. The expression for the quadratic equation is: ax 2 + bx + c = 0 ; a ≠ 0. Here
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