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I got solutions of all my doubts, math tests are easy now. I would not be understanding math this well if it wasn't for This app. I'm actually learning here, it also shows the solutions and the different ways to solve it, so far I have only had the app for one day, mostly what I like about this app is that it shows u the steps, that way I can compare my work with it and see where I went wrong.

Floyd Tiedeman

I recommend it for sure. This app is great as long as you put in the correct order of any equation you want it will solve it within a blink of the eye love it. This the one of the best app which I have ever seen for using maths I have almost tried all the apps in available in Play Store it can be used offline also just I had a small complaint that it is not able to solve word problems otherwise it is the best app ever have same for solving maths it will just give answer in just second not more than a second talking about the premium it should be free or it was little more much so I request to it cost must be reduced.

Barry Mendoza

Words cant describe how thankful i am rn, just one thing, it is so useful and gives all all the answers u need, with one picture, i love that it is in a text format but you can still take pictures of the equation and also say them through the microphone setting.

Andrew McElroy

Kids Math: Angles Glossary and Terms

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Angle Symbol (∠)

Angles Calculator - find angle, given angles. Prove equal angles, equal sides, and altitude. Given angle bisector

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Types of Angles, Definition, Properties, Examples

Determine which angle has a greater measure by looking at the size of the opening between the angle's rays. Math Basic geometry and measurement Measuring angles Angle introduction.
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Angles – Definition with Examples

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