Algebraic properties of limits

This is often called the sum rule, or the sum property, of limits. And we could come up with a very similar one with differences. The limit as x approaches c of f of x minus g of x, is just going to be L minus

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Properties of Limits

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1.5 Determining Limits Using Algebraic Properties

Properties of Limits Lim x→a c=c, i.e limit of a constant function is that constant value only The value of lim x→a x = a Value of lim x→a cx + d = ca + d Lim x→a xn = an, here n is a positive
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1.5a Algebraic Properties of Limits

Properties of Limits Knowing the properties of limits allows us to calculate the limit directly. We can add, subtract, multiply and divide the limits of the functions as if we were

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Calculus I

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