Testing Equations for Symmetry

Homework Statement:: Use the algebraic tests to check for. symmetry with respect to both axes and the origin. Relevant Equations:: N/A. PUse the algebraic tests to

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Symmetry of a Function: Testing For

The following examples in symmetry of functions are solved using the symmetry tests indicated above. Each example has a detailed solution to understand the reasoning used. EXAMPLE 1 Determine if the function f ( x) = 2 x 2 + 5 is

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In mathematics, an equation is a statement that two things are equal.


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Tests for Symmetry

this video goes through three examples: one testing for symmetry around the x-axis, one testing for symmetry around the y-axis, and one testing for symmetry around the origin. #mathematics

1.2: Graphs and Symmetry

Of the three tests for symmetry, the only one that is satisfied is the test for x-axis symmetry. x - y2 = 1 Replace y by -y. x - (-y)2 = 1 x - y2 = 1 In the given equation x - y2 = 1, when y is replaced by

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