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development. growth. maturation. progress. transformation. “A chief difficulty in arguing for macroevolution by mutations is the fact that most expressed mutations are either lethal or

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What is another word for macroevolution?

Best synonyms for 'macroevolution' are 'biological evolution', 'evolution above the level of species' and 'macrophylogenesis'. Search for synonyms and antonyms Classic Thesaurus

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Macroevolution Synonyms & Antonyms

Another way to say Macroevolution? Synonyms for Macroevolution (other words and phrases for Macroevolution).

What is another name for macroevolution?

16. Another word for macroevolution is _____. a. Mutation b. Speciation c. Variation d. Extinction

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Another word for macroevolution is _____. speciation variation extinction mutation

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