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Antilog Calculator (Antilogarithm)

Antilog Calculator This calculator is used to calculate the inverse function log-1 (y). It has two text fields where you enter the figures to be calculated. The ‘Calculate’ button is an active control of
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Antilog calculator

An antilog is the reverse of a logarithm, found by raising a logarithm to its base. For example, the antilog of y = log₁₀ (5) is 10ʸ = 5. The natural logarithm is useful in calculating the amount of time needed to reach a certain level of growth, if, for y = ln (x), y = time, and x = value being grown. What is a mantissa?

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Antilog Calculator

Antilog Calculator Our online inverse log calculator calculates the reverse value of a log by using a given number and a base. Values generated by using the log function can be reversed in their

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Antilog Calculator

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Log and Antilog Calculator

The antilog of any number is just the base raised to that number. You can also obtain the value of the antilog of a number from its logarithmic expression. For example, log 10

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Antilog Calculator

To compute the antilog of a number y, you must raise the logarithm base b (usually 10, sometimes the constant e) to the power that will generate the number y. Here is the