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The Complete Circular Arc Calculator

A = arc length of a sector π = 3.141592654 r = radius of the circle θ = central angle in degrees How to use this Arc Length Calculator? It is easy to use. Just input radius of the circle and the
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Sector Area Calculator


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Area of A Sector Calculator

!Calculate the area of a sector: A = r² * θ / 2 = 15² * π/4 / 2 = 88.36 cm². You can also use the arc length calculator to find the central angle or the circle's radius. Simply input any two values into the appropriate boxes and watch it conducting all calculations for you. Make sure to check out the equation of a circle calculator, too! FAQ
Circular sector

Without either a radius length or angle measure, dimensions of a sector are not calculatable. If told to find the missing values of a sector given a radius of length 34 and an arc of length 38, all other unknown values can be calculated. The

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Arc Length Calculator

Sector Area = α × πr² / 2π = α × r² / 2 The same method may be used to find arc length - all you need to remember is the formula for a circle's circumference. 💡 Note that α

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