Area definition geometry

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What is Surface Area?

The area of a geometric figure is defined as the region covered by the figure. The area is a two-dimensional measure, so we use square units like m² or cm² to measure it. The area formula depends on the shape of the geometric figure.

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Area Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

In simple words, the area can be defined as the measure (the amount) of cloth or material with a thickness provided that would be required to construct a model of the shape or the necessary amount of paint to cover the surface of the shape

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What is area?


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What is Area in Math? Definition, Formulas, Shapes, Examples

What is area? Area is defined as the amount of space inside a two-dimensional object. Usually, these objects are your shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, squares, and circles. So, if you

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Area and Perimeter (Definition, Formulas and Examples)

Area. more The size of a surface. These shapes all have the same area of 9: Examples: The amount of space. • inside the boundary of a flat (2D) object such as a circle or square, or. • on the surface of a solid (3D) object such as a