Bernoulli Equation

A Bernoulli equation has this form: dy dx + P (x)y = Q (x)yn where n is any Real Number but not 0 or 1 When n = 0 the equation can be solved as a First Order Linear Differential Equation. When n = 1 the equation can be solved using

MATHEMATICA TUTORIAL, Part 1.2: Bernoulli Equations

bernoulli\:y'+\frac{4}{x}y=x^3y^2; bernoulli\:y'+\frac{4}{x}y=x^3y^2,\:y(2)=-1; bernoulli\:y'+\frac{4}{x}y=x^3y^2,\:y(2)=-1,\:x>0; bernoulli\:6y'-2y=xy^4,\:y(0)=-2;

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