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Clarify math equation

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It's free and worth downloading. Yes you must pay sadly but when that professor doesn't really explain how to solve for the answer well then it becomes clear that one goes to any length to find a answer and I did not know how to really solve it besides self teaching with khan academy and then sometimes it takes awhile to get to the way to solve a problem which then I use this app with premium access to have a way to solve a problem step by step which is legendary.

Eldridge Mallett

So for high school with Algebra and regions I'll be good to go, in the end, this app saved me. The best maths solution app ever. I was placed into a higher ability maths group and didn't understand much of what was going on at first on the homework, but the fact that you can see the working out actually let me understand it.

Dennis Williams

Great app helps if you study, this app is a life saver, no limit to how much you can scan, it answers correctly, and it teaches better than my teacher could. Love this app, extremely useful. They explain how the answers are coming.

Randy Carmean


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