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Math Definitions: Basic Operations . Word Definition Examples Simplify To make as short as possible 5 + 3 4 can be simplified to 2 Evaluate To solve for a certain value 5x + 3 evaluated for

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2.3: Evaluate, Simplify, and Translate Expressions (Part 1)

evaluate ~ A Maths Dictionary for Kids Quick Reference by Jenny Eather Ee evaluate • a term used in algebra. • to evaluate an expression means to find a numerical value for it, to 'work it out'.
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Evaluate expressions (Pre-Algebra, Introducing

Evaluate For a Given Value: Let us evaluate that function for x=3: f(3) = 1 − 3 + 3 2 = 1 − 3 + 9 = 7. Evaluate For a Given Expression: Evaluating can also mean replacing with an expression (such

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