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Espically during virtual learning, some people might think that students would cheat in their regular math practice but although it's just a calculator which helps you to understand how the equation is solved which is really helpful, this app has to be the best app of the century. I think the new version of the latest version is a bit problematic because it did not answer even two times in two.

Ronald Springer

This app is great and really helped me to improve my grades, this app is amazing! I had it for over a year now and I can definitely tell you that it works, although it might not show you the answer by the way you learned in school.

Kevin Deangelo

It's also a handy way to see whether my solutions are correct. This app really helps me in math is a life saver and is free this app is amazing. Fast and easy application,this is useful to the students. I hand write my problems, then take the photo and use the solution to check my work.

Theodore Slay

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