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1 Lecture 24: Linearization

Consider the function used to find the linearization at a a. L(x) = f (a)+f '(a)(x− a) L ( x) = f ( a) + f ′ ( a) ( x - a) Substitute the value of a = 6 a = 6 into the linearization function. L(x) = f (6)+f '(6)(x−


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Step 1: Find a suitable function and center. Ask yourself, what is 50 close to? Well, 50 is close to 49 which is a known Step 2: Find the point by substituting x = 49 into f ( x) = x. f ( 49) = 49 = 7 ( 49, 7) Step 3: Find the

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How do you find the linearization at a=1 of f(x)=√x+3?

Consider the function used to find the linearization at a a. L(x) = f (a)+f '(a)(x− a) L ( x) = f ( a) + f ′ ( a) ( x - a) Substitute the value of a = 1 a = 1 into the linearization function. L(x) = f (1)+f '(1)(x−