Definition of Factor in Math

factor, in mathematics, a number or algebraic expression that divides another number or expression evenly—i.e., with no remainder. For example, 3 and 6 are factors of 12

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Factor Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

A number can have MANY factors! Example: What are the factors of 12? • 3 × 4 = 12, so 3 and 4 are factors of 12. • 2 × 6 = 12, so 2 and 6 are also factors of 12. • and 1 × 12 = 12, so 1 and 12

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Terms, factors, and coefficients review (article)

Factoring (called Factorising in the UK) is the process of finding the factors: Factoring: Finding what to multiply together to get an expression. It is like splitting an expression into a
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