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Overall, I really enjoy how helpful this app is although some parts of it may cost you money. It also has comes with an advanced calculator if you dont want to use the full picture part. It's been really great with school. In one words, its amazing. They also give examples on how to solve whatever we put in.

Robert Mondor

I've used quite a lot of websites/apps that are supposed to help with school work, and this app is by far the best, super helpful! I have used this app on many occasions and always got the correct answer, it explains everything, even if you didn't pay the premium version, it really helps you to understand maths.

Rufus Thomas

Really helpful for me💗, I'll recommend it to my friends thank you app math app. This is the main reason I am passing my Honors Algebra 2 Class, not because I use it to cheat, but because I use it to figure out how to do the problems and then use that method to actually do the problems without This app.

Harry Otto
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How to find the formula for the nth partial sum of any series

How to find the formula for the nth partial sum of any series - Quora Answer: Take a GP S(n)= a(1)+a(2)+ a(n). Eq1 Let the common ratio be r Then a(n)= a×r^(n-1) Multiply both sides of Eq1
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Understanding the nth Partial Sum Defined as the

Let us find a formula for the nth partial sum of a geometric series. Sn = a + ar + ar2 + ⋯ +arn−1 by multiplying by r, ⇒ rSn = ar + ar2 + ⋯ +arn−1 + arn by subtracting rSn from Sn, ⇒

Finding formula for nth partial sum

Find & formula for the nth partial sum of the series and use it to find - the series' sumn if the series converges 172 23 n (n + 1) 6ln + 2) n+ ] Sn + 42 6 (n +) Calculus 1 / AB 2 < Previous Next

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