Find concave up and down calculator

A concavity calculator is any calculator that outputs information related to the concavity of a function when the function is inputted. Inflection points are often sought on some functions. These are points on the curve where the concavity

Inflection points calculator

Given the functions shown below, find the open intervals where each function’s curve is concaving upward or downward. a. f ( x) = x x + 1 b. g ( x) = x x 2 − 1 c. h ( x) = 4 x 2 – 1 x 3. Given f ( x) = 2 x 4 – 4 x 3, find its points of inflection.

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Inflection Points and Concavity Calculator

The following steps can be used as a guideline to determine the interval (s) over which a function is concave up or concave down: Compute the second derivative of the function. Set the second

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