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To solve a mathematical equation, you need to find the value of the unknown variable.

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Not all quadratic equations are solved by immediately taking the square root. Sometimes we have to isolate the squared term before taking its root. For example, to solve the equation we should

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The sum and product of the roots can be rewritten using the two formulas above. Example 1 The example below illustrates how this formula applies to the quadratic equation x 2 + 5 x + 6. As you can see the sum of the roots is indeed

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Polynomial Roots Calculator that shows work

Roots of cubic polynomial. To solve a cubic equation, the best strategy is to guess one of three roots. Example 04: Solve the equation $ 2x^3 - 4x^2 - 3x + 6 = 0 $. Step 1: Guess one root. The

Free calculator for roots of functions

How to Use Roots Calculator? Please follow the steps below to find the roots of a given polynomial: Step 1: Enter the polynomial in the given input boxes. Step 2: Click on the

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