Find maximum r value polar equation

For many of the forms we will encounter, the maximum value of a polar equation is found by substituting those values of θ into the equation that result in the maximum value of the trigonometric functions. Consider r = 5cosθ; the

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Find zeros and maximum values for a polar

What is the r-value? The R-value of a two-dimensional barrier, such as a layer of insulation, a window, or a whole wall or ceiling, is a measurement of how strongly it opposes the conductive flow of heat. The given equation in the
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6.5 Notes Example 2: Polar Graphs

How do you find the maximum R value of a polar equation? The maximum value of r = 2 + 2 cos θ displaystyle r =2+2cos heta r =2+2cosθ occurs when cosθ is a maximum , which is when cos θ