Find nth term of sequence calculator

Geometric Sequence Formula: a n = a 1 r n-1. Step 2: Click the blue arrow to submit. Choose Identify the Sequence from the topic selector and click to see the result in our Algebra

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Number Sequence Calculator

A geometric sequence is a sequence where we need to find the common ratio of numbers. An it can be written as, a n = ar n - 1. Follow the guidelines that are given below to calculate the

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Sequence Calculator

Make your calculations easier with our Handy & Online Sequence Calculator. Also, Learn Sequence Definition, Formulas. Sequences Calculator. nth term of harmonic sequence

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Find nth term in arithmetic or geometric sequence

Enter the input values in the below calculator and click calculate button to find the answer. The nth term can be explained as the expression which helps us to find out the term which is in nth
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Arithmetic Sequence Calculator

Assuming the sequence as Arithmetic Sequence and solving for d, the common difference, we get, 45 = 3 + (4-1)d. 42= 3d. 14 = d. Hence, by adding 14 to the successive term, we can find

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Sequence Calculator

Free Sequences calculator - find sequence types, indices, sums and progressions step-by-step