Find the equation of a parallel line that passes through a point

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Parallel & perpendicular lines

Step 1. Substitute the slope from original line (3 in this case) into the equation of the line. y = 3 x + b. Step 2. Substitute the given point (1, 7) into the x and y values. y = 3 x + b 7 = 3 ( 1) + b. Step

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Parallel Lines and Slopes

A calculator to find the equation of a line that is parallel to another line and passing through a point. Equation of a Line Parallel to Another Line and Through a point P The slope $ m $ of line

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What is the equation of the line passing through the point (4, 6

Find the parallel line using the point - slope formula. Use the slope −3 - 3 and a given point (0,0) ( 0, 0) to substitute for x1 x 1 and y1 y 1 in the point-slope form y−y1 = m(x−x1) y - y 1 = m ( x - x
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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

A directing vector of the sought line has to be orthogonal to the normal vectors of each plane, hence has to be collinear to the cross-product n → 1 × n → 2. Thus a parametric equation of