Find the pair

Find the Pair. Are you good at matching? Try to find the matching objects quickly when they appear on the screen. This game tests object and shape recognition skills.

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Find the Pair. In this game there will be a number of objects on the screen. Two of the objects will be identical, and you need to find out the two as quickly as

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Halloween Find The Pair is a memory game designed for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the
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At each level of the game, you will be given multiple objects of different shapes and colors. Observe the objects carefully, then click to select 2 identical shapes in the same color. 1000

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Matching pairs online games

Magic Hexagon - Magic Hexagon is an innovative version of classic game “Find the Pair”. This colorful game is both for kids and adults. It is an effective memory and attention exercise. The game combines bright pictures and cards of

Find Pair Game: Cute Picture Matching Video Game for Children

Flip cards to find 2 the same cards and claim that prize. After 3 free flips you pay gems for each flip, costs go up each flip. Concentrate on camp equipment rather than one time food or

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Find the pair

Find all the pairs! Good game? Fairway Solitair.. Mahjong Fun. Golf Solitaire P.. Sliding Puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles.
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