Solved Question 1: Finding a basis of an eigenspace Procter

Expert Answer Transcribed image text: Find a basis for the eigenspace corresponding to the eigenvalue of A given below. A=⎣⎡ 7 1 −2 0 0 1 −2 4 9 ⎦⎤,λ =6 A basis for the eigenspace
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Worksheet 8 1. Find a basis for the eigenspace of A =  4 2 3

So the eigenspace that corresponds to the eigenvalue minus 1 is equal to the null space of this guy right here It's the set of vectors that satisfy this equation: 1, 1, 0, 0. And then you have v1

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Finding eigenvectors and eigenspaces example (video)

The basis of an eigenspace is the set of linearly independent eigenvectors for the corresponding eigenvalue. The cardinality of this set (number of elements in it) is the dimension of the

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