Finding area under a curve

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Approximating Area under a curve with rectangles

We can find the actual value of the area found under the curve by evaluating the integral of the function at the bounds of its interval. Area = ∫ a b f ( x) x d x = F ( b) – F ( a) Keep in mind that F ( x) represents the antiderivative of f ( x).

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3 Ways to Find the Area Under a Curve (and why you

Now that I have the equation, I can calculate the area under the curve by finding the value of f (10)-f (1) In our example, I have the equation – f (x) = (1.0038/3)*x 3 + (2.1826/2)*x 2 – 1.85x +

Area Under a Curve – Mathematics A-Level Revision

The formula for the total area under the curve is A = limx→∞ ∑n i=1f (x).δx lim x → ∞ ∑ i = 1 n f

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