Finding equilibrium solutions of differential equations

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2.2: Equilibrium Solutions and Stability

Find the equilibrium solutions of the following differential equation: $$\dfrac{dy}{dt} = \dfrac{(t^2 - 1)(y^2 - 2)}{(y^2 -4)}$$ I'm not sure how to go about doing this
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Equilibrium solutions of differential equations

Equilibrium Solutions to Differential Equations. Some differential equations will have an equilibrium solution. An equilibrium solution y ( x) of a first order differential equation is one

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MATH 214 – QUIZ 1 – SOLUTIONS Find all equilibrium

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Equilibrium solutions

As @RobertLewis has pointed out, we find the equilibrium points (x, y) at the points where we have x ′ = y ′ = 0. We have x2 + y2 − 1 = 0 x2 − y2 =

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