Finding roots of an equation

Solution: => (x-5) (x+2)=0 => If x-5 = 0, then x = 5; if x+2 = 0, then x =-2. The solution is x=5 or x=-2. If you graph the equation, these roots are of course the x-intercepts. If you forgot how to do it, click how to solve quadratic

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Algebra II : Finding Roots

Finding Roots of a Quadratic Equation Using the Quadratic Formula: Compare the preceding equation to ax2 + bx + c = 0 to find a, b, and c values. Then a = 1, b = -7, and c = 10 are the

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Roots of Quadratic Equation

In mathematics the solutions of an equation are named as roots. The roots can be either in symbolic (3/5, (√2/3)) or numeric (2.5,8.9,1.0,10

Roots of an Equation

A root is a value for which a given function equals zero. When that function is plotted on a graph, the roots are points where the function crosses the x-axis. For a function, f (x) f ( x), the roots

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