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Amazing app! This is really helpful for students who doesn't understand math since it shows you the work of every answer in detail, it is a good site for when you need help on a question it has help me with math quizzes.

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It helps me with my homework and in class, it is a very useful app. Super happy with this app, and I totally recommend it. But now I use more, honestly rarely use the camera function because the calculator is incredible, it shows you the steps which has literally taught me some things that my teachers just didnt teach well enough.

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Radius of a Cone Calculator

This middle school math video shows how to work backwards to calculate the radius of a cone when given its volume and height.

Cone Calculator

So when you are $\frac{z}{h}$ of the way from the top to the bottom (as indicated in the figure), the radius has increased by $\frac{z}{h}$ times the total increase in radius, i.e.