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Super helpful, very awesome app, just that ads get in the way but push that a side and you got yourself a ticket for homework, i still believe it needs a little more work but besides that its really worth downloading.

Mike Clemons

Helps you understand how to get to the answer and will explain, in detail every step, because it's helps me a lot with my maths homeworks, i'have been using This app for some time, and i haven't had any issues with it, i use it for mathematical calculations,or with the camera that just takes a picture of the expression your looking for, and it brings the answer directly.

John Winston

In the long run, I felt that I am improving. It is by far the best app I have used, really helpful in my studies especially in my specialized subjects. I would spend 10 minutes+ on a question just to get it wrong, but this shows you WHERE you messed up by going through the work and what your answer should have been.

Joseph Combs

5 Ways to Solve for X

To determine the value of x, From the diagram, We can observe that ∠STR + ∠STU = 180° ( Sum of angles on a straight line) Since ∠ SRT = ∠STR, and m ∠SRT = 20, Then, ∠STR =

Find the Value of X Calculator

If you have given an equation, you see the x and y in it. Just taking second equation and think any common factor between x's variable. With common factor, m

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