Finding the x and y intercept of a line

Problem 3: Find the x and y-intercepts of the line having equation: 4x + 5y = -3. Solution: Converting the equation of the given line in intercept form : 4x + 5y = -3 ——-given.

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Finding the x-intercepts of a function

The y-intercept occurs when x = 0. How to find the intercepts? To find the x-intercept using the straight-line equation, substitute y=0 and solve for x. To find the y-intercept, substitute x=0 and

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Intercept (Intercept Meaning)

Example 2: Find the x and y-intercepts of the line y = - 2x + 4 y = −2x + 4. To find the x-intercepts algebraically, we let y=0 y = 0 in the equation and then solve for values of x x. In the same
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x-intercept of a line (video)

The x x -intercept is ( 4, 0 ). To find the y-intercept: Let x=0 x = 0 in the equation, then solve for y y. The y-intercept is ( 0, –2 ). Now we can plot the two points on the xy xy axis and connect them

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