Finding volume

Volume is well-defined for many common shapes; the formulas for some common shapes are shown below. Cube. The volume, V, of a cube with edge, s, is: V = s 3. Prism. The volume, V, of a prism is: V = Bh. where B is area of the base

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Volume Calculator

The volume of a cylinder is calculated by measuring the radius of the base and the height. Volume of a Cylinder = πr2h, where r is the radius of the base, and h is the height of the cylinder. Cone A cone is a three-dimensional shape that we
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6 Ways to Calculate Volume

Find the length of one side of the cube. Depending on your assignment, the cube will either be labeled with this information, or you may have to measure the side length

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Volume Calculation

volume = π × 1.5 2 × 3 + 4/3 ×π ×1.5 3 = 35.343 ft 3 Spherical Cap A spherical cap is a portion

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