Finding zeros of polynomial functions

First, find the real roots. And let's sort of remind ourselves what roots are. So root is the same thing as a zero, and they're the x-values that make the polynomial equal to zero. So

Summary: Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Evaluate the polynomial at the numbers from the first step until we find a zero. Let’s suppose the zero is x = r x = r, then we will know that it’s a zero because P (r) = 0 P ( r) = 0.

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5.6: Zeros of Polynomial Functions

To find the zero of the function, find the x value where f (x) = 0. In simple words, the zero of a function can be defined as the point where the function becomes zeros. The degree of the
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College Algebra Tutorial 35: Graphs of Polynomial

There are two simple steps to form the equation from the zeros of the polynomial. First, find the factors from the zeros of the polynomial. If x = a , then (x - a) is the required factor. Secondly, find the product of these factors to find

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