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The reverse FOIL method makes it easy to find the x-intercepts of a quadratic equation. Remember, this is when y = 0. For a quadratic equation {eq}x^2+bx+c = y {/eq}

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FOIL Method

Show answer | Show step-by-step. Equation: (2 + 5x) (11 + 12x) Show answer | Show step-by-step. Equation: (x - 3) (10x + -20) Show answer | Show step-by-step. Equation: (x^2 - 4) (x^2 - 4) Show

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Foil Method – Explanation & Examples

In this lesson, we will look into how to use the FOIL method to distribute two binomials. Most Algebra books describe FOIL as a method of multiplying two binomials. FOIL is the acronym for
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