Fraction algebra equations

In this blog post, we will be discussing about Fraction algebra equations.


Fractional Equations

Clear of fractions as follows: Multiply both sides of the equation -- every term -- by the LCM of denominators. Each denominator will then divide into its multiple. We will then have an


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Equations with Fractions

Example 1: Equation with one fraction Solve the equation \frac {2x-1} {3}+x=3 32x−1 +x = 3 Convert each fraction so they all have a common denominator. Here, we only have one fraction
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Equations with Fractions

How to solve Fractional Equations? Find the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD). Multiply both sides of the equation by the LCD (to remove the fractions). Solve the equation. Check the solution. The following diagram gives an
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Equations with fractions

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