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How to type fraction in Word Easy and Fastest Way

Convert your regular & ordinary language into fraction in 3 simple steps: 1) Enter Text. Paste or write the text you want converted in the “input” section above. 2) Preview. Check how your

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How to Write Fractions in Microsoft Word

I. Method 1 of how to make a fraction in Word: Use Equation to input (used in Word 2007 and above, how to insert fraction in Word) 1. Position the cursor where you want to type a fraction, select the Insert tab, click the
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3 Ways to Type Fractions

How to Create Fractions in Microsoft Word 1. Turning on Auto Formatting for Fractions Click Format Click Equations Under Equations select Automatically convert 2. Use the Equation Tool to insert a Custom Fraction

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How to Type Fractions in Microsoft Word

Fraction Shape Maker. This Fraction Shape Maker draws a simple shape using equal parts division for fraction illustrations. Teachers and parents can use it

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