Geometry angles relationships

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Angle relationships example (video)

Vertically opposite angles are equal Vert opp ∠′s Angles around a point adds up to 360° ∠′s at a pt Corresponding angles of parallel lines are equal Corr ∠′s ; // Co-interior angles between

Angles Relationships

Learn. Angles in a triangle sum to 180° proof. Isosceles & equilateral triangles problems. Triangle exterior angle example. Worked example: Triangle angles (intersecting lines) Worked example:

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1.06 Review: Angle relationships

Angels at the same location at each intersection are equal 1 and 5 2 and 6 4 and 8 3 and 7 72 and 2 are vertical angles (equal) 72 and 1 are supplementary 180 – = angle 1 1 and 3 are vertical angles (equal) Use corresponding angles to find
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Geometry Angle Relationships Overview & Process

Terms in this set (32) Complementary Angles. Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees. Supplementary Angles. Angles whose sum is 180 degrees. Vertical Angles. A pair of opposite

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