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It feels illegal to use it, thank to this app editor, this is the best math problem solving app Ive came across so far it helps me a lot and makes my parents proud and I don't really need help anymore I am very greatful for this app thank you.

Christopher Bowens

This the one of the best app which I have ever seen for using maths I have almost tried all the apps in available in Play Store it can be used offline also just I had a small complaint that it is not able to solve word problems otherwise it is the best app ever have same for solving maths it will just give answer in just second not more than a second talking about the premium it should be free or it was little more much so I request to it cost must be reduced.

Matthew McMahan

If you are looking for a good math solving app, this is it. It's okay, i think u need to put the vertex, focus, directrix, and the axis of symmetry in parabola. This app is crazy ! It works perfectly good and it helped me understand pretty hard examples so Easily that i can solve them myself in a few minutes.

Gregory Bittle
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How to Convert Grams to Grams Stoichiometry

Number of grams = (Molar Mass * Atoms)/Avogadro’s Number This free atoms to grams calculator also makes use of the same expression to calculate the most accurate grams that
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Convert between moles and grams

›› More information from the unit converter. How many grams in 1 grams? The answer is 1. We assume you are converting between gram-force and gram-force. You can view more details on