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Gravitational Time Dilation Equation and Calculator

Calculates the time dilation of a body moving for some time with some relative velocity with respect to the observer. T ime dilation T = T 0 √1−v2 c2, c=299792.458km/s T i m e d i l a t i o n

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Gravitational Time Dilation Calculator

The formula of Gravitational Time Dilation is, Δt' = Δt x √ (1 - 2 x M x G / r x c²) where, Δt' = Time interval that is affected by gravity. M = Mass r = Distance. Δt = Time interval that is not

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How To Calculate Gravitational Time Dilation and

1 The formula we use to calculate gravitational time dilation is Tdilated = √1 − 2Gm Rc2 ⋅ Twithoutgravity. But this formula has a problem that is, the gravitational time
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