How to find the 40th percentile

Percentile range. If you’re interested in finding the range between two percentiles, you’ll want to find the percentile range. For example, you might be curious what the range of

How to Find a Percentile

You can use the following formula to calculate the percentile of a normal distribution based on a mean and standard deviation: Percentile Value = μ + zσ where:

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Percentile Calculator

Percentile (P) Ordinal rank: Percentile value: 5th (5/100) × 5 = [0.25] = 1: 1st number in the ordered list = 25: 30th (30/100) × 5 = [1.5] = 2: 2nd number in the ordered list = 30: 40th (40/100) × 5 =
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Percentile Calculator

Generally, when you're computing the 40th percentile of a set of numbers, you would expect to get something a little smaller than the median for that set. In our case, the median number is also 55, because there are exactly 5 numbers higher and 5 numbers lower. 45 is lower than this, so that is a good check. However, t See more

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