How to find the iqr of a normal distribution

In this blog post, we will be discussing How to find the iqr of a normal distribution.

What is the IQR (interquartile range) of X? Suppose a random

the difference between these two points (UQ and LQ) is the interquartile range and this is 0.67448-(-0.67448) = 1.34896 and therefore it is possible to deduce that: interquartile
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Interquartile Range Calculator

Find the interquartile range for a normal distribution.

Interquartile range

Here is how to find the Interquartile Range from Normal Distribution when you are given the probability, the mean and standard deviation. Basically, it is an inverse normal

How to Find Quartiles Using Mean & Standard Deviation

You can use the following formulas to find the first (Q1) and third (Q3) quartiles of a normally distributed dataset: Q1 = μ – (.675)σ. Q3 = μ + (.675)σ. Recall that μ represents the

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