How to find the nth term of a arithmetic sequence

Formula for nth term of an arithmetic sequence : an = a1 + (n - 1)d. Substitute a1 = 5, d = 5 and n = 25. a25 = 5 + (25 - 1) (5) = 5 + 24 (5) = 5 + 120. = 125. Example 4 : Find the 16th term of the

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an = a1 + (n ā€“ 1) ā€¢ d

Explanation: The th term of an arithmetic sequence with initial term and common difference is defined by the equation. Since the tenth and twelfth terms are two terms apart, the common

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n-th Term of an Arithmetic Sequence

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence is given by : an=a1+(nāˆ’1)d an = a1 + (nāˆ’1)d To find the nth term, first calculate the common difference, d. Next multiply each term number of the

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Nth Term Of A Sequence

similarly, Nth term = a+ (n-1)d. Steps to find the nth term. Step 1: At first find the first and 2nd term, that is a 1 and a 2. Step 2: Then find the common difference between
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