How to solve improper fractions

Let’s say we want to convert the mixed number 1 3 4 into an improper fraction. Step 1: Multiply the denominator with the whole. And then add the numerator to the product. Step 2: Keep the denominator same and solve for the numerator.

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Improper Fractions

Learn how to do Partial Fraction Decomposition when you have an Improper Fraction in this free math video tutorial by Mario's Math Tutoring. We use long divi

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Mixed numbers and improper fractions

To convert an improper fraction into a mixed number, start by writing the fraction as a division problem. Divide the numerator by the

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Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Step 1: Determine if the given fraction is improper or not. Step 2: Now interpret the denominator and check for how many parts it is dividing the
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