How do u add exponents

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Exponent Rules for Addition & Subtraction

Adding exponents is done by calculating each exponent first and then adding: a n + b m. Example: 4 2 + 2 5 = 4⋅4+2⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅2 = 16+32 = 48. Adding same bases b and exponents n: b n +

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Exponent rules

Example 1: Adding Exponents. Consider the product 2*2. Since both terms have the same base (here, the base is 2), we add the exponents. Remember that when there is no exponent written
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Adding Exponents

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How to Add Exponents: Rules for Adding Powers

Steps to do addition or subtraction between exponents in algebra: To do addition or subtraction we will follow the same steps: Step 1: Before performing any addition or

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