Triangular Prism

S.A. = (2 x Area of Prism Base) + (Height x Perimeter of Prism Base) In a triangular prism the base would be a triangle. Therefore to find the area you have to do 0.5 x base of the

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How do u find the perimeter of a triangular prism?

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How to Find the Perimeter of a Prism

Multiply this result by 2, since there are two triangular bases with this area. Step 3: Find the area of the rectangular sides by multiplying the perimeter of a base triangle by the length of

Triangular Prism Calculator

So, the perimeter of one base is 15 cm. 3 Plug the perimeter into the lateral area formula. Make sure you substitute for the variable in the formula. For example, . 4 Plug the height of the prism into

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