Factoring expressions

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Factoring (Distributive Property in Reverse)

To factor an expression, you have to start by factoring out the GCF, or Greatest Common Factor. List the factors of each component of the expression. Here we are interested in finding the

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3 Ways to Factor Algebraic Equations

The simplest way of factorising is: Find the highest common factor of each of the terms in the expression. Write the highest common factor (HCF) in front of any brackets. Fill in each term

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Factoring in Algebra

4x 2 − 9 = (2x) 2 − (3) 2. And that can be produced by the difference of squares formula: (a+b) (a−b) = a 2 − b 2. Where a is 2x, and b is 3. So let us try doing that: (2x+3) (2x−3) = (2x) 2 − (3)

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Factoring Expressions with Exponents

Let us use the quadratic formula to factor expressions. x = (-b ± √ (b 2 – 4ac))/2a Here, b = -5, a = 2, c = -12. Therefore, x = (- (-5) ±√ ( (-5) 2 – 4 (2) (-12))/2 (2) = 5 ± 25 – (-96)4 = 5