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Determine which side of a line a point lies?

10 Answers. Sorted by: 30. In the simplest form, just plug the coordinates into the line equation and check for equality. Given: Point p (X=4, Y=5) Line l (Slope=1, YIntersect=1)
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How to determine if a Point is within a certain distance of a line

To define a line we only need two distinct points. In your problem, we have two points that lie on the given line and another point not lying on the line. Do two points always

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How to determine if a point is on a line in 4-dimensional space?

Approach: In order for the given point to lie on the line, it must satisfy the equation of the line. Check whether y = (m * x) + c holds true. Below is the implementation of the above

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How to determine if a point lies between two parallel lines on

No problem! Just take that point and plug it into the equation and simplify. If you end up with a true statement, the point is indeed part of the equation. If you end up with a false statement

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