How to distribute exponents

Multiply (or distribute) each exponent outside the parenthesis with each exponent inside; keep in mind that if no exponent is shown, the exponent will be 1. Step 3: Apply the Negative Exponent

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Law of Exponents

Okay, see that fraction? See that exponent outside? Well, we want to move that exponent inside the fraction. But HOW? Here's how.

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Why do exponents not distribute over addition? [closed]

Distribute the exponent outside the parentheses to each of the factors inside the parentheses. Simplify the powers (using the power rule of exponents, if needed). Example Simplify

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Properties of Exponents

Step 1: Distribute the exponent through the terms in parentheses: Step 2: Use the division of exponents rule. Subtract the exponents in the numerator from the exponents in the denominator:
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