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Example of multiplying fractions is ⅔ x ¼ = (2 x 1)/(3 x 4) = 2/12 = ⅙. Multiplying fractions is not like the addition or subtraction of fractions, where the denominators of both the fractions

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Fraction Math: How to Do Fractions for Beginners

Place the cursor where you would like the fraction to be. Press Ctrl + F9 at the same time to insert a pair of field brackets. Place the cursor inside

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Adding Fractions

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How to do Fractions the Easy Way

Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Also learn what an improper, proper and mixed number fraction is and how to work with these fractions. The
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Q. How do I type fractions into Microsoft Word?

The first fraction is 1/3, so we divide 21 by 3 and resulting 7 gets multiplied by that fractions numerator. Since the numerator equals 1, we get 7 times 1 = 7. The second fraction is 2/7, so 21 divided by 7 results in 3. Multiplying 3 times this fractions numerator, gives us 3 times 2 = 6. See more

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