How to do composite functions

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Composition of Function

We can even compose a function with itself! Example: f (x) = 2x+3 (f º f) (x) = f (f (x)) First we apply f, then apply f to that result: (f º f) (x) = 2 (2x+3)+3 = 4x + 9 We should be able to do it
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Finding composite functions (video)

A function is just a mapping from one set of numbers to another. So for example, when we're saying G of two, that means take the number two, input it into the function G and

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Composition of Functions

s!This algebra video tutorial provides a basic introduction into composite functions. it explains how to evaluate composite functions. This video contains a few examples and
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Composite Functions

To find a composite function made of three functions, substitute the rightmost function into the middle function and then substitute this into the leftmost function. For example, if g (𝑥)=𝑥2, f

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