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Get ready for fun in this fractions learning video for kids! Math doesn't have to be tricky! Learn what a fraction is, what the numerator and denominator is

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Step 1. Turn the second fraction upside down (the reciprocal): 5 1 becomes 1 5. Step 2. Multiply the first fraction by that reciprocal: 2 3 × 1 5 = 2 × 1 3 × 5 = 2 15. Step 3. Simplify the fraction: The fraction is already as simple as it can be.

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How to Solve Fraction Questions in Math

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3 Ways to Do Fractions

To add fractions there are Three Simple Steps: Step 1: Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same. Step 2: Add the top numbers (the numerators ), put that answer over the denominator. Step 3: Simplify the

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