How to do the substitution method

It’s important to keep them in mind when trying to figure out How to do the substitution method.

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Substitution method

The three simple steps for the substitution method are

The Substitution Method

Example: ∫ cos (x 2) 2x dx. We know (from above) that it is in the right form to do the substitution: Now integrate: ∫ cos (u) du = sin (u) + C. And finally put u=x2 back again: sin (x 2) + C. So ∫cos

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Substitution method review (systems of equations)

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Substitution Method (Definition & Steps for Solving Linear

Substitution Method Steps Simplify the given equation by expanding the parenthesis Solve one of the equations for either x or y Substitute the step 2 solution in the other equation Now solve

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